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Innovation – New electric carts at Owl’s Head

Innovation – An Owl’s Head Golf Electric Turn

Definitely forward looking, Destination Owl’s Head is another step forward in its mission to deliver an unparalleled golf experience with respect for nature. It is with pride that we confirm our new partnership with ClubCar for the renewal of our golf carts.

Made for the modern golfer, the electric Tempo model presents what the ClubCar manufacturer has best to offer, both for the golfer and for the golf course. Built with proven engineering, unmatched industry durability and real comfort, this cart offers connected technology to monitor and manage the fleet of golf carts from anywhere on the golf course, in real time.

The electric tempo model features a modern design, a stainless steel frame and comfortable seating. Thanks to the various accessories, the carts will be personalized according to the specific needs of Owl’s Head Golf!

“The customer experience and the quality of the services offered are at the heart of each of our development decisions. Renewing the carts fleet for electric versions was a must for us, but we wanted to do even more. We are proud to be able to offer our members and visitors a golf cart built by the world-renowned supplier who has won the Golf Digest First Prize for three consecutive years. ” mentioned Étienne Meunier, Ski & Golf customer experience Manager

The new carts fleet will be operational in July 2018 at Owl’s Head Golf Club.


Étienne Meunier
Ski & Golf customer experience Manager
Tél : 819 452-2424




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