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A nearly $162M development and modernization project at Destination Owl’s Head Resort

After providing $6.2 million in funding to Destination Owl’s Head in support of the first phase of its development plan – a project of nearly $162 million in investments in the Eastern Townships tourist region – the Quebec government is proud to announce a further $20.4 million in assistance for the second phase of the project.

The maximum funding was announced today by Julie Boulet, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region; Luc Fortin, Minister of Families, Minister responsible for the Estrie region and MNA for Sherbrooke; and Pierre Reid, MNA for Orford.

Chief among the various goals of the project, Destination Owl’s Head aims to modernize existing infrastructures and add new recreational tourism facilities, while integrating a range of accommodations with the tourism products offered. The investments made between now and May 2025 will help develop a world-class four-season tourism destination.

Of the $6.2 million allotted for the first phase of the Destination Owl’s Head Development Plan, $ 1.2 million came from phase 1 of the Programme de soutien aux stratégies de développement touristique (tourism development strategy support program) – support for the Stratégie de mise en valeur du tourisme hivernal (winter tourism development strategy) – and $5 million was provided under the Programme d’appui au développement des attraits touristiques[HE1] (program supporting the development of tourist attractions), of which $3 million is a loan and $2 million is a subsidy.

Of the $6.2 million allotted for the first phase of the Destination Owl’s Head Development Plan, $ 1.2 million came from phase 1 of the “Tourism develpment stragy support program”, support for the “Winter Tourism Development Strategy”, and $5 million was provided under the “Program Supporting the Development of Tourist Attractions”, of wich $3 million is in load and $2 million is a subsidy.


On behalf of the entire Destination Owl’s Head team, we would like to thank the Quebec Ministry of Tourism for believing in this great project.

This financial assistance will enable us to realize our position as a world-class four-season tourist destination. It’s a great team effort and we look forward to bringing you a whole new skiing experience from the next ski season.


M. Michaël Zakuta, shareholder and president at Owl’s Head Group.

“Our priority is to ensure the sustainability of Owl’s Head and to offer the citizens of the Township of Potton, Quebeckers and visitors from all over, a resort destination well integrated in its environment, where nature and outdoor activities will be promoted for all to enjoy.”

Yannick Beaupertuis, shareholder and Real Estate and Resort Development.

A commitment of this level from the Ministère du Tourisme will enable us to consolidate the tourism mission of the project and, by the same token, enhance what the Eastern Townships and the province of Quebec have to offer in terms of a tourist destination. Thanks to this financial assistance, we will be able to maximize our development to enable our visitors to have memorable nature-adventure experiences.”



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