Owl's Head


A golf course with international recognition

Executed by the renowned golf architect, Graham Cooke.
The site provides golfers of all levels of expertise to an unforgettable experience with its championship 6 710 yards for men and 5111 yards for women.
This fine course, designed 23 years ago by the renowned golf architect Graham Cooke, stands alongside Quebec’s best. Owl’s Head has been the recipient of numerous awards and honours like the 4 stars attributed bye the “Association des terrains de golf du Québec” (ATGQ).


Par 4

Prevailing winds and slope force shots to the right. Try to stay left of centre. Your second shot usually has a downhill lie attracting the ball towards the right front bunker. NOTE – verify the 9th hole position.


Par 4

Try and get the tee shot to the right side of the fairway so you have a clearer entrance to the green because the bunkers are three deep to the left side. This green slopes away from the Owl’s Head Ski Mountain.


Par 3

The elevated tee with prevailing left to right wind makes this hole very difficult for those back tees. Double-check your alignment and make it your best swing.


Par 5

This is a hole that is reachable in two, if you pass two very demanding accuracy tests. Your tee shot must be played over the left side of the lake and must roll through to the far side of the fairway. Next, you have to thread the needle through the fairway trees and carry your shot to the greenside bunker. This easily could be an eagle or a snowman.


Par 4

The ideal spot for an approach to the green is past the fairway bunker. Can you get there? You’ll be looking straight at Jay Peak (U.S.) where there still a possibility to see snow during the month of June.


Par 4

If you can’t hit the fairway here, settle for the left fairway bunkers rather than the forest on right. Your second shot is usually downwind and plays shorter than indicated. Try to get in through the opening of the greenside bunkers.


Par 3

This hole is slightly uphill and often into the wind. Take plenty of club and don’t go for the sucker pins on the left.


Par 5

This is the first hole where the lake is in play from the forward tees. The right side is safer, but longer. It is reachable in two, but safer to try to make birdie with a wedge. The green generally breaks towards the water.


Par 4

There are optical illusions that may force you to aim your tee shot straight at the fairway bunkers. BEWARE! An uphill approach shot may require 2 or 3 clubs more than usual. This is Owl’s Head’s most difficult green and asks you to be short and left of the pin


Par 3

Once again there is a prevailing left to right wind and it is best managed with a “knock-down” shot. The optical illusion here is the fact that the green slopes from middle to back.


Par 4

The tree in the middle of the fairway is in a bunker. When you play to the right it is safer. However, long hitters would want to go left. The approach to green is downwind. There is a large hump in middle-right of the green that affects all putts.


Par 5

This is you best chance for a birdie or eagle opportunity on the course! Avoid the fairway bunker on the right and hidden greenside bunker on the left.


Par 4

Your best play is a fairway wood aimed left of the fairway bunker. But an approach shot must be on line to avoid deep greenside bunker on right and a slope on left.


Par 5

Take dead aim for LEFT of the fairway bunkers with your tee shot. The widest landing area for your second shot is at the 10 yd. marker (left is best). The figure 8 green is very narrow and very deep. (2 or 3 clubs)


Par 4

Only longer hitters choose the target line over the fairway bunker. The more safe play is a fairway wood left of the fairway bunker. Remember a dry ball is a happy ball!


Par  3

Here is the island green that so many guests talk about but no worries. This is a short hole and has a large target. Aim for the pin, there is no water there!


Par 4

This is a relatively short hole and does not require a driver. Save your power for the next hole. However, you will require finesse to create a birdie opportunity here.


Par 4

Try and hit this one hard and down and the right side. Take plenty of club to climb the hill with your second shot. Deep, three-tie Red green may require 3 clubs more than you think.


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