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Owl's Head

SEASON PASS 2018-2019

All prices does not include taxes.

Individual Season Pass - Winter 2018-2019

CategoryBefore May 15thBefore July 15thBefore Oct. 15thRegular Price
Adult (18+)$ 600$ 630$ 664$ 699
Student (14+ I.D.)$ 385$ 405$ 426$ 449
Junior (6 à 13 yrs.)$ 385$ 405$ 426$ 449
Child (0-5 yrs.)GratuitGratuitGratuitGratuit
Senior (70+)$ 239$ 252$ 265$ 279

Family Season Pass - Winter 2018-2019

CategoryBefore May 15thBefore July 15thBefore oct. 15thRegular Price
2 adults + 2 children$ 1 710$ 1800$1 895$ 1 995
Couple (same perm. res.)$ 1 008.91$ 1 068.93$ 1 129.81$ 1 187.21
Each dependant (max. 23 yrs old & same perm res)$ 247.88$ 260.93$ 278.32$ 291.37
Mono parental (1 adult + 2 children)$ 1 285$ 1 353$ 1 424$ 1 499


  • In order to keep the same lockers the payment must be received with this application form.You must provide all the pictures for lamination, before January 10th, 2019. No free daily ticket will be issued after this date. Please use the example printed here for the face size. We reserve the right to refuse any picture that is not within the norms (No sunglasses, tuques, hats, helmets etc., recent picture and face of adequate size).
  • The season pass must be worn and visible for lift operators at all times.
  • The season pass may be cancelled or confiscated for any violation of the skiers’ code of ethics or any fraudulent use of the pass at the discretion of the management.A season pass CANNOT BE LOANED, borrowed, sold or counterfeited. Any infraction will result in immediate removal of the season pass and may lead to legal proceedings. Using another member’s pass or loaning one’s pass to another is a criminal offence. The offender will have to buy a lift ticket at the daily rate for each infraction.
  • A member who forgets his/her season pass, will also have to buy a lift ticket at the daily rate. This rule is applicable to everyone without exception.
  • A lost or stolen season pass must be reported to the Customer Service office immediately. A fee will be charged for each replacement pass. Should the initial pass issued be returned, the replacement fee will not be refunded.The Owl’s Head season ski pass allows the legitimate holder to use the grounds and facilities at Owl’s Head’s discretion, at the sole risk of the purchaser of the season ski pass or that of its holder. The purchaser and the holder of a ski pass, whether holding legitimately or not, agree to assume all risks and consequences thereof arising from acquisition, holding or use of a season ski pass at Owl’s Head. Such risks include, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the length or occurrence of any ski season whether due to the snow or other climatic conditions or any other cause or event of whatever nature, all risks of personal injury whether physical, mental or other, loss, theft, or damage to property and all direct or indirect consequences thereof.All season passes are issued in consideration that the skier will respect the “Code de conduite du skieur alpin” as well as the rules enforced at the resort. In case of violation by the skier, the following sanctions will be applied without notice or reimbursement:
  • First sanction: Season pass is revoked for a period of 24 hours minimum.
  • Second sanction: Season pass is revoked for a period of a week minimum.
  • Third sanction: Season pass is revoked indefinitely.
Office : 40 chemin du Mont Owl’s Head, Mansonville, (Québec) J0E 1X0 SF 1 800 363-3342 T 450 292-3342 @