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The program

A program designed according to the curriculum and parameters of the of the CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance) Level 1 course; the course is therefore recognized as proper training for the CSIA Level 1 examination.

Candidates registered for this instructor apprentice training program will have until December 31st of the same year that they receive their training to become certified by participating in a day of certification during a CSIA level 1 course, administered by the CSIA Quebec.

Candidates in the apprentice instructor program will have completed more than the 24 hours of training required. This program, offered by a certified CSIA Level 1 course conductor, will follow the parameters, and curriculum, of the CSIA Level 1 course.

The price of the examination day has been set at $ 215 (plus tax) including the course material cost of the participant.

Price & time

27 hours of training during the 9 weeks of courses, lasting three hours each, on Sunday afternoons; beginning on Sunday January 14th , 2018; 1 PM to 4 PM.


Ski : having succeeded Adventure 3 level , or its equivalent.

Ratio: 1 instructor per 8 students, with a minimum of 4 students per group.
The student must be 14 years before the beginning of classes.

Helmet is mandatory.

Lessons only
150 $ + tx
Lessons and tickets
$353.50 +tx

Policy for group lessons

  • Please check with us in case of inclement weather to know if the lessons are cancelled.

  • The information will be available the morning of the class starting at 7:30 am on our web site or call at the Snow School at 1-800-363-3342 or 450-292-3342, ext.243.

  • A minimum number of registrations is required for the program to start. Minimum of 2 students per group. Otherwise, the Snow School can cancel or can change the duration of the program. If a lesson is cancelled by the Snow School because of bad weather, the lesson will be rescheduled to the end of the program. A maximum of one lesson will be retaken.

  • Lesson hours are not transferable and cannot be rescheduled during the season or to the next season, no credit or refund will be made in case of absence of a student.

  • The Snow School reserves the right not to offer or cancel a program for any reason it deems reasonable (e.g. insufficient number of entries). The Snow School reserves the right to cancel a course for any reason it deems reasonable (e.g. bad weather).

  • ABSENCE Course hours are not transferable and cannot be resumed or carried over to the following season. The lessons are valid for the current season only. In the absence of a student or participant, the missed course will not be retaken and no refund or credit given.

  • ACCESS TO LIFTS A lift ticket or season pass is required during the course.

  • Since there are a maximum number of participants who can register, it is possible that the groups are full.

  • Should it be the decision of the Snow School to cancel a course, a maximum of one course will be retaken.

  • Group classes cannot be moved or retaken by the end of this season, and cannot be carried over to the following season.

  • The required minimum age for programs must be reached before the first day of lesson. There will be no exception.

  • For any lesson reservation, a full payment will be required.

  • Rates can change without notice.

  • In case of any discrepancy between the English and French versions of the text, the French version prevails over the English version.

Office : 40 chemin du Mont Owl’s Head, Mansonville, (Québec) J0E 1X0 SF 1 800 363-3342 T 450 292-3342 @