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Owl's Head


Snow conditions

The backcountry area is closed for the season.
It is not patrolled, do not venture in it. If you do so, it will be at your own risks, and you will assume all the risks.
In the event of a rescue, a minimum fine of $500 will be charged.

It is strictly forbidden to ride the slopes with sealskins in the Alpine ski slopes.

1 - Main Quad    
6 - Green Chair Difficulty State
Newport Express xtreme
L'Urubu xtreme
Grande Allée xtreme
Ponsoon xtreme
Kormans Dive xtreme
Rodeo xtreme
Magog xtreme
O.Z. xtreme
Colorado (Top) xtreme
Kandahar xtreme
Kaboul xtreme
Kamikaze xtreme
Colorado (Bas) xtreme
Standard xtreme
Allée xtreme
Vestibule xtreme
Peak xtreme
Lilly's Leap xtreme
Centennial xtreme
Côté Court xtreme
Memphré xtreme
Crossover xtreme
Fleur de lys xtreme
Bear Lane xtreme
Sugar Bush xtreme
La traverse xtreme
3 - Little Red Difficulty State
Cindy's Slip xtreme
Nice & Easy xtreme
Rabbit Run xtreme
Petite Allée xtreme
Bambi Crossing xtreme
La Cachette xtreme
2 - Little Quad    
7 - Black Chair Difficulty State
Short Cut xtreme
La Brèche xtreme
Junction xtreme
Skiboo xtreme
Chouette xtreme
Wood Pile xtreme
8 - Lake Chair Difficulty State
Les Falaises xtreme
Lake View xtreme
Bois du Loup xtreme
Couloir xtreme
Upward Trail xtreme
Porc Épic xtreme
Old Road xtreme
4 - Blue Chair Difficulty State
Outside Edge xtreme
Lower Standard xtreme
Shady Lady xtreme
5 - Panorama Difficulty State
Winker xtreme
Home Run xtreme
Link xtreme
Panorama xtreme
9 - Magic Carpet Difficulty State
Iniparc xtreme
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