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TODAY, 17 September 2021




40, Chemin du Mont Owl’s Head
Mansonville (Québec) J0E 1X0 Canada




I would like to get a daily ticket for the alpine touring, what should I do?

Due to Covid-19 management obligations for traffic control, this year alpine touring is only available with a season pass, we keep in mind the possibility of opening daily tickets soon. To stay informed on this subject, subscribe to the newsletter or stay tuned on our social media.

Go to the alpine hiking page.

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How do I get the card for my NINOXE 2020-2021 subscription?

We look forward to welcoming you for the 2020-2021 ski season! You can come and collect your season pass from Friday  December 4 at 10 a.m.

All passes will be given to the OUTSIDE TICKET OFFICE.

Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

How do I pick up my ECHO card (daily ticket)?

After purchasing your daily ticket (ECHO card) from our online store, you must collect your ticket from the ECHO terminals located outside near the ski chalet.


Everything takes place outside and the process is 100% automated. It is essential to have with you the confirmation email you received during the online purchase in paper or digital format on your phone.

1- Go to the ECHO terminals and scan your QR-Code on the confirmation email received (paper or phone). The vending machine will give you your ECHO card.

2- Place your ECHO card alone (without keys, other cards or phone …) in a pocket on the left side.

3- Take advantage of the lifts.

4- At the end of your day, you can keep your ECHO card in order to recharge it on our online store so you will not need to return to the ECHO terminals on your next visit or you can drop your ECHO card in one of the ECHO card collection boxes. At the entrance of the parking lots.


*** PLEASE NOTE that the ECHO terminal will only print the current day’s tickets. If you have purchased tickets for several different dates, they will be automatically reloaded and added to your ECHO card. Keep your ECHO card for future visits. You will be able to go directly to the ski lifts.

I already have my ECHO card bought this season, how can reload it? (ECHO cards from last year are no longer valid)

If you already have an ECHO card (issued AFTER December 18, 2020) in your possession, you do not need to go to the ECHO terminal or to the ticket office.

  1. You can top up your ECHO card directly in our online store.
  2. Your purchase will automatically be added to your most recent ECHO card.
  3. Make sure to put your ECHO card in your coat (left side) and go directly to the ski lifts.
I already had an ECHO card bought this year, I kept it to top up but I lost it, what should I do?

You can still reload your ECHO card on our online store from your customer account. Your customer account is automatically linked to your lost ECHO card. Come see us at the outdoor ticket office to pick up a new ECHO card free of charge. It is IMPORTANT to mention to our team that you have lost your ECHO card. This will allow us to link your new card to your account and cancel the lost card.

Is the face covering compulsory?


Wearing a mask or face covering covering the nose and mouth is compulsory. In the lift queues, as in the lifts themselves, wearing a face cover covering the nose and mouth is mandatory at all times for persons 3 years of age and over.

The face cover can be a neck warmer, muffler, balaclava, or other tight fitting clothing covering the nose and mouth. This garment should be made of at least 2 layers of close knit fabric and be large enough to completely cover the mouth and nose.

Although neck warmers, muffler, balaclavas or other well-fitting clothing covering the nose and mouth are accepted in lift queues and in lifts, only fabric or surgical masks will be accepted inside the ski chalet. It is therefore necessary to provide a second mask.

Go to the hygiene measures page.

Is the resort open?

Yes, we are open. Access is restricted for season ticket holders until December 23rd.

The first days of activity will be reserved for season pass holders. This way, our customers and employees can start this exciting ski season calmly and we can make the necessary adjustments. We are planning a gradual and safe opening for everyone.


The entire Destination Owl’s Head team can’t wait to see you on the slopes, but your safety is our priority!

When can non-members ski?

From the official opening. We will put on sale the dayly tickets available to non-members 5 days before the official opening. To be informed of this date, subscribe to our newsletter.


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When will daily tickets for the Holidays and March Break be on sale?

Tickets for the March school break should go on sale Febuary 10.

Access the daily ticket prices page.

Do I have to buy my tickets online?


Online purchase on our website is MANDATORY.

Otherwise, you may be denied access to the slopes if the maximum capacity is reached. This is a fixed date ticket. Non refundable, non exchangeable.

Access the daily ticket prices page.

Will we have access to the chalet?


According to the following instructions:

In RED ZONE – Use of the chalet as a refuge only with restricted use period.


In ORANGE ZONE – The reception capacity in the ski chalet will be revised to allow 2 meters of distance between users at all times. Sitting spaces will therefore be reduced in order to comply with government requirements.


Go to the hygiene measures page.

Can I put my equipment in the chalet?


In order to ensure everyone’s safety and limit access to the chalet, the equipment must be placed in the car. We ask all our customers to dress and equip themselves in the car (at the parking lot) and then go directly to the ski lift or to the outdoor ticket office. No personal effects in the chalet.

Go to the hygiene measures page.

Can I use my L'EST GO card?


L’EST GO card holders will be able to come skiing from the official opening. To know the date, subscribe to our newsletter. You can then go to the outdoor ticket office to collect your lift ticket. No reservation is required for holders of the L’EST GO Card.

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Will I be able to buy a hot coffee or a chocolate, even in the RED ZONE?


Our catering team will provide you with a simple and delicious menu to take out. We will serve you from our outdoor snack bar in complete safety. A great way to end the day with a little treat to savor in the car on the way home!


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