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14 July 2024

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40, Chemin du Mont Owl’s Head
Mansonville (Québec) J0E 1X0 Canada

Destination Owl's Head

Relaunch an iconic 4-season resort

Last Fall, Destination Owl’s Head began to prepare a Master Development Plan for Owl’s Head.

The vision
Turn Owl’s Head into a four-season resort, renowned for its quality, community-oriented and inclusive atmosphere, and harmonious existence within an exceptional natural setting that boasts a unique combination of lake, plain, and mountain.


A strategic position focused on sustainability and quality


Offer its visitors an attractive resort experience all year round.

This experience is composed of 3 main components

  • Relationship/contact
  • Product
  • Quality facilities


The five main values

Respect of the environment

We are consistently focused on reducing our daily ecological footprint.

A family destination

Products chosen for the family, where each member has a place and can enjoy holidays alone, with a loved one, or as a group.

An authentic resort experience

A memorable experience created through a combination of friendly interactions with each visitor and a quality product offered in impeccable facilities.

A four-season destination based on three key features

With the exceptional potential opportunities provided by Lake Memphremagog, the mountain, and the golf course, we have a strategy to promote a four-season experience that blends nature, adventure, events, culture, and cuisine.

A welcoming team motivated for success

We work hard and play hard. We believe in a work-life balance and want to provide the most pleasant work environment possible. In return, we encourage employees to share their ideas and to express their passion to help us achieve our mission:   Creating an attractive experience to OH visitors in all seasons.


Learn more about this great initiative by consulting our master plan, which brings together all the details of the project. Also consult our press release and our Condos Glaz website; a development project that has already proven its worth!


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