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40, Chemin du Mont Owl’s Head
Mansonville (Québec) J0E 1X0 Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, we have gathered all the answers to the most frequently asked questions to guide you in your decision making. Do you have other questions?Contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Useful information

Where is Owl’s Head Mountain?

Owl’s Head Mountain is in the Eastern Townships, near Potton Township. Although the mountain is directly across from the mountains of Vermont, it is well and truly located in Quebec. It is located about 1:40 from Montreal and 30 minutes from Magog.

When does the resort open?

Services will open progressively as renovation work is completed. We will start by opening such priority services as the ticket office, customer service and the cafeteria. The restaurant will open a bit later when the work has been completed. The Mtn Haus hotel will start taking reservations as of January 30, 2019, but the opening date is still to be confirmed.

When and how can I pick up a season pass?

Season passes can be picked up at the customer service centre inside the chalet.

How does the locker system work?

This year, season pass holders (NINOXE card) can reserve a locker for the winter. Your card is the key that locks and unlocks it. Families can share a locker, in which case several cards can be used.

Do you have any special offers and deals?

There will be a number of special offers throughout the season. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter, or follow us on social media. You will also find deals and offers on the Packages page of this website.

Do you have a snow park?

We will have a fun and initiation park custom-built to enhance the skiing experience for younger guests and people who want to get out of their comfort zone. The park will be primarily a playground as opposed to a slopestyle competition-type area. It will be located at the base of the Winker run.

Can I apply to work at Owl’s Head?

There are a number of positions available throughout the year. We are looking mainly for dynamic individuals who know how to create unique client experiences. Visit our Job opportunities page to learn more.

What are the reloadable ECHO and NINOXE cards?

The ECHO card is the RFID smart card on which you can load day tickets purchased online or in person at an Owl’s Head ticket station. The NINOXE card is the RFID smart card on which you can load limited and unlimited season passes purchased online or in person from customer service at Owl’s Head. Reloadable, non-cashable and non-transferrable, both cards give you access to a variety of activities at the ski hill.

Does Owl’s Head offer any skiing lessons?

Each year we offer a wide variety of programs for children and adults to ensure that everyone enjoys their skiing experience to the fullest. Go to our Ski School page to learn more.

Ski Hill transformation project

Why have some of your rates changed?

We made changes to our pricing structure to help offset our major investments in the ski chalet, the snowmaking system, the lifts and our trail-grooming equipment. These improvements, which all visitors will enjoy, justify the adjustments we made to our rates.

How does the new snowmaking system work?

This winter we’ll have a new, cutting-edge snowmaking system courtesy of TechnoAlpin. Two runs on the hill will be automated with more than 300 perch-type snow cannons and eight powerful snow fans to cover big surfaces. When all the work is complete (in winter 2019), we will be able to make snow more quickly on the skiable terrain, along with a better quality of snow.

Have any changes been made to the ski trails?

We’ve made several changes to the slopes to improve the quality of the skiing experience and maximize safety for all. For example: we leveled the access to the Centennial to make it easier to get to; the Kamikaze, Shady Lady and Colorado were all modified to make them safer, wider, and easier-access. We also did some clearing in the glades.

What’s the latest news about ski run grooming?

Owl’s Head acquired two new caterpillars from the manufacturer Prinoth, which will result in an optimal skiing surface; one of those crawlers has a winch to facilitate work in steeper spots. These latest-generation machines are more powerful and more environmentally friendly with resurfacers (tyler or rototiller) that yield better-quality snow.

Why is it taking so long to open the chair lifts this year?

With the many complex projects that were completed this summer we need to invest the time required for a ski lift upgrade. Given the scale of this upgrade and our focus on safety, we decided to do all the security testing and a systematic review of the requirements, which requires a lot of time and resources. This level of revision is not required in a simple seasonal restart routine, which explains a greater delay than in previous years.

When are we planning to open the next ski lifts?

In a sequence according to the evolution of the last work being done, we will open MAIN Quad and then BABY QUAD. These should be up and running in the next few days if all goes well. The BLUE chair will follow as soon as possible, expected by January 12th.

Why, despite being put into service, the lifts still stop sometimes?

With the large number of changes we have made to the lifts, even if we have carried out the required tests, there are still adjustments that are only revealed once the lift is used normally during continuous hours and in regular conditions (with boarding and unloading). skiers, stopping, slowing down …).

We must also add the important ice storm that added stress to some of the most fragile components (eg detectors, electrical wires …). This explains why there may still be some small adjustments needed.

Is it true that the LAKE Chair will not open this winter?

Our current priority and all energies are focused on completing the work to open the other 4 chairlifts.

We plan to make a thorough assessment of this more complex escalation since it comes from components from various manufacturers. We will have a better portrait of it soon.

Accommodations and property at Owl’s Head

Does Owl’s Head have hotel accommodations?

Our hotel will be completely renovated by the season 2019 and is located on the top floor of the main lodge, with direct access to all major amenities and services. Guests will be able to book rooms as of January 30, 2019. There are a good number of other options in the vicinity and region that are not managed by Owl’s Head. Visit our Accommodations page for the complete listing.

Is there still an apartment-hotel at Owl’s Head?

The building is currently undergoing major renovation and will become a condo project (Les habitations Glaz). All of the condominiums are reserved. For information about our future property projects, subscribe to our newsletter and check the Real Estate box.

If I own a rental chalet, can Owl’s Head promote it for me?

We do not advertise private rental properties on our website or social media. We promote hotels, inns and chalets that are registered businesses.

I own an inn. How can it be listed on your site?

Contact us and we will send you all of the information required to establish a partnership.

Do people live at the resort?

Owl’s Head offers an inspiring living environment with a marked emphasis on outdoor activities and respect for the existing environment and ecosystem. The projects in progress and to come focus on the synergy between the renewal of a mountain feature and minimal impact on the environment. For details, contact our resort and development manager directly.


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