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3 December 2022


Rain until evening.

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of fresh snow

3 cm

Last 48 h

12 cm

Last 7 days

19 cm

Total season

19 cm

Skiing conditions

Complete details of today's ski conditions

TODAY, 3 December 2022




40, Chemin du Mont Owl’s Head
Mansonville (Québec) J0E 1X0 Canada

Online purchase procedure

Buying online is a simple, fast and efficient process. Buying online allows you to plan your ski trip in the comfort of your own home for your entire family in complete security.

How does the RFID card work?

RFID technology allows you to purchase your ski pass or ticket online. The RFID card is reloadable for all your subsequent purchases.

Step 1: Create your profile

1. Go to our online store.

2. Complete your registration

3. Once your account is created, you will be in the online store

4. To add members of your family, go back to your account and click on the family tab, complete the profile for each member of your family.

5. Please note that the photo is mandatory for season passes, so please upload a passport-style photo.

Step 2: Buy a product

1. Go to the online store.

2. Select the desired product

3. In the profile tab, select the person for whom you wish to purchase a product

4. Add the product to the shopping cart and make sure you accept the Terms and Conditions

5. To make a purchase for another member of your family, you must return to the store home page and select the desired product for the person you wish to purchase.

6. Repeat these steps for each family member

7. Once you have completed your purchases, go to your shopping cart to complete the payment.

Step 3: Collect your purchase

2022-2023 Subscriptions

New seasons pass holder

Visit our Customer Service team to pick up your subscription. The Customer Service desk is open every day of the ski season from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have not been able to upload your photo to your profile, a customer service agent will do it for you.

2021-2022 Subscriber

Your 2022-2023 subscription has been reloaded directly to your Ninoxe RFID card. Be sure to upload your passport photo. You are now ready to hit the slopes for the 2022-2023 ski season!

Daily Tickets

When you arrive at the resort, go to the kiosk with your electronic ticket, place the QR code (barcode) under the reader and pick up your ticket. This RFID card is associated with your profile. Keep it safe for future purchases. Be careful, this card is associated with your profile. It is important that you do not exchange your card with another member of your family.

Step 4: Ski

Place your card alone in the left pocket.

Go to the lift of your choice and stand in front of the gates. After a few seconds, the gates will open automatically.  Good skiing!

Step 5: Reload your Ninoxe pass or Echo ticket

1. Your RFID card is reloadable. Go to the online store by accessing your account.

2. Make sure you use the correct username and email associated with your RFID card.

3. Proceed with your purchase by adding your chosen product to the desired profile.


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