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24 May 2024

Skiing conditions

Complete details of today's ski conditions

TODAY, 24 May 2024



40, Chemin du Mont Owl’s Head
Mansonville (Québec) J0E 1X0 Canada

Pro’s Blog

Stéphane, our golf pro

With nearly 30 years of experience as both a golf player and director of multiple tournaments, Stéphane has been part of the Owl’s Head family for 4 years now. As a golf pro, he shares his knowledge, experience, and secret tips to help you improve your golf game.


Golf season is on!

It's golf season's beginning. Make this one a success by preparing properly before hitting the course.

Rebuilding your statistics

Now that the season is well underway, it is time to rebuild your statistics. Find out some of the best practices to improve them.

Club choice based on the ball's landing area

The spot where your ball lies on the course will have a major influence on the club you will chose for your shot. Make better club decisions based on the ball's landing area.

Putting in times of warm weather

With the summer heat waves, the greens act differently throughout the day. Learn how to master them!

Choosing your golf ball

There are many offers on the market. Which bullet is right for you? Find out in this article.

The evolution of your performance

Developing consistency isn't always easy in golf. A good way to improve your game is to monitor your performance over the course of the season.

Club tournaments are coming

Some are wondering whether or not they're going to take part. Stéphane has the answer for you in this article!

Weather is still nice and the course is in prime condition

After a full summer of maintenance, playing conditions are at their full potential as we head into the end of the season.

Extend your season with the right clothes

Cooler temperatures are setting in, but there's no reason why you can't hit the trails. Just make sure you have the right clothes.

The effect of the weather on your game

The colder it gets outside, the more the ball's behavior changes. Discover a few tips to apply to your end-of-season strategy.

Season retrospective

After a colorful season, taking the time to look back helps you prepare for the season ahead!


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