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TODAY, 25 November 2020




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Destination Owl’s Head agrees to credit the amount of the season pass as per the credit information and regulations described below, subject to the exclusions, limitations, and other stipulations specified.

The Cancellation Protection program is available solely during registration for the season pass.

The program covers sickness, injuries, and change of profession as stipulated in the coverage.


Destination Owl’s Head shall assume the non-reimbursable season pass fees in compliance with the regulations cited below, should one of the following circumstances arise:

  • The pass holder becomes sick is injured, or dies, which prevents them from practising the sport
  • The pass holder’s employer transfers them, requiring that they relocate more than 200 km from the ski resort


Excluded from the coverage are losses due to:

  • Intentional self-inflicted injuries
  • Emotional disorders or a pre-existing medical condition, unless the pass holder is hospitalized
  • A normal pregnancy
  • A sickness or an injury that does not prevent the pass holder from skiing


  • Non-participation must be for at least 30 consecutive days and occur entirely within the ski season.
  • You must apply for Cancellation Protection when obtaining your season pass.
  • Destination Owl’s Head must be informed and the season pass must be returned for the right to obtain credit.
  • The pass holder must provide certification from their attending physician (who cannot be a family member) or an attestation from their employer of a transfer to a location more than 200 km from the ski resort.

If a parent (father or mother), a spouse (legal or common law), or a child under 17 years of age of an individual with the right to credit is also covered by the program and decides to no longer use their season pass, they may also claim a credit. This option is valid for a single additional person only.



  • 80% of the cost if the non-participation starts before December 31st
  • 60% of the cost if the non-participation starts before January 31st
  • 30% of the cost if the non-participation starts before February 28
  • No credit if the non-participation starts after March 1


  • $45 plus taxes for an individual pass
  • $95 plus taxes for a family pass

To obtain Cancellation Protection, please download the registration form, complete it and return it by email to services@owlshead.com indicating the telephone number to which we can reach you. Subsequently, we will contact you to complete your registration and make payment for the Cancellation Protection.



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