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18 April 2024

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Club tournaments are coming

Club tournaments are coming

Our last blog post was more about psychology than usual. While we’re on the subject, why not talk about tournaments? The club tournament season is upon us, and the question that always comes up is: do I sign up or not? These events are a great opportunity to test your technique against experienced players. Even so, many golfers decide not to register because they don’t want the pressure that comes with tournaments. This week, we’re digging into the psychology of the golfer to help you reduce that feeling of pressure and perform better during tournaments!

Don’t ignore the pressure. This feeling is very real, but it can be controlled to reduce its impact on your performance. In my opinion, club championships are a big part of the performance in people’s minds, and that’s what holds a lot of people back. Many golfers will tend to judge their performance level negatively by trying to compare themselves to other participants. Of course, we often know who has a good chance of winning, because the best golfers don’t miss the chance to take part in such jousts, but that doesn’t mean that your place isn’t deserved and that you’re not welcome. I believe that those who don’t sign up are missing an incredible opportunity to improve. In golf, as in any other sport, it’s easy to become comfortable with your level of play and reach a plateau on which you sit. However, playing against new competitors allows you to learn more about your own game and discover areas for improvement that you would never have noticed otherwise.

Here are two reasons why I think it’s possible to be a better golfer at a championship. Firstly, the “mindset” of the tournament is different from any other round you’ll play this season. As I mentioned earlier, we tend to be comfortable with our game and no longer challenge ourselves to improve. To avoid any negative apprehensions on this day, tell yourself that you’ll be making it a real event that you’re happy to take part in with friends. You’ll feel less pressure to perform, and you’ll find yourself in a more familiar and serene frame of mind, which will show in your game. I won’t lie to you, this round will be more stressful than any other. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to live this experience to the full, you’ll notice that your next friendly rounds will be more relaxed. After being exposed to an unfamiliar environment, your daily routine will be more comforting and relaxing than usual. You’ll even notice that your momentum will be more consistent, less tense, and more natural than before.

Now, what’s your perspective on your golf club’s next championship? If you’re slowly starting to consider signing up, you’re on the right track. Even if it’s a different way of improving your game, don’t miss out on these unprecedented opportunities to excel! Your friends will be jealous when you return, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the big winner of the championship!


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