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22 June 2024

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TODAY, 22 June 2024



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Extend your season with the right clothes

Extend your season with the right clothes

Fall is just around the corner, and fall means a drop in the mercury. At this time of year, the temperature changes by the hour, and afternoon sunshine is no guarantee of all-day warmth. In such conditions, being well-dressed allows you to extend your season and enjoy the fall colors in the field. To make sure you’re well-prepared for your next round of golf, take a look at our clothing tips and make the most of the end of your season.



On cool (or even cold) days, it’s the layers of clothing that make the difference between being comfortable and shivering. The first layer should be synthetic. Glued to the skin, synthetics keep you dry by expelling moisture to the second layer. So even if you sweat, your skin won’t stay damp, making it easier to maintain your body temperature. The second layer should hold in the heat. Here, we opt for a wool or synthetic fleece garment. It’s important to use synthetics here too, and to avoid cotton fleece, as the latter stores moisture and water, rendering its heat-retaining function useless. And don’t forget freedom of movement in the arms. A tank top would be ideal, as it will keep the internal organs warm while allowing the arms to move unencumbered.

Among the hazards of autumn, the wind factor is not negligible. You’ll want to carry a lightweight windbreaker, preferably with a soft underarm fabric for ease of movement. Don’t hesitate to try on several in the store. You’ll find that some fabrics make more noise than others, which can become an irritant in the long run. Opt for a waterproof or water-resistant windbreaker and you’ll be safe from surprise showers! These showers are rarely confined to the upper body. A pair of pants with a rubberized membrane will keep you dry all day long. Add to this a pair of water-resistant shoes and a toque in case of an unexpected drop in temperature.



If you want to think about it further, pay attention to the “wind” index when you look at the weather forecast in the morning. Even if the forecast calls for mild weather, the wind can quickly turn the mercury upside down. If you’re aware of this factor, you can dress accordingly before leaving the house. At worst, you’ll take off a layer when the wind dies down!


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