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Skiing conditions

Complete details of today's ski conditions

TODAY, 6 July 2020



40, Chemin du Mont Owl’s Head
Mansonville (Québec) J0E 1X0 Canada

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  • Payment by card strongly privileged.
  • Hand washing or disinfection compulsory on arrival and departure.
  • We ask all our customers to leave a distance of two meters between them anywhere on our site and at all times.
  • We ask our employees and our customers to avoid physical contact (handshakes, hugs…).
  • We also invite everyone to adopt good hygiene practices, in particular by washing their hands regularly.



  • The Club Haus locker rooms are closed until further notice.


  • Maintain a physical distance of a minimum of two meters with all persons present (employees, players and others) and on the entire golf club property (course, clubhouse, practice areas, parking lot, etc.).
  • Do not gather when waiting on the course, always keep a distance of two meters.
  • No accompanists or cadets are permitted.
  • Players handle their own equipment.
  • Do not touch the ball, marker, cart or any other piece of equipment of another player.
  • Ball washers will not be available. Towels may be soaked in buckets of water without touching them with your hands.
  • Players must not touch any permanent structures (sprinkler head, bench, starting markers, shelters, signs, coloured posts, etc.).
  • There is no drinking water at the clubhouse or on the course.


  • Scorecards and pencils on request only.
  • It is forbidden to touch the flags, the bottom of the holes is raised to prevent touching the cup.


All rakes have been put away. We suggest the following options:

  • Playing where the ball rests.
  • Level the sand with a stick or your shoe and put the ball back in its original place.
  • Playing the ball with improved position in the sand pit.



In order to ensure the proper operation and to respect the procedures put in place by the government, here are a few key points to be respected:

  • The entrance is always through the main door, even if you wish to go on the terrace.
  • As you enter the Club Haus, disinfect your hands and follow the arrows on the floor.
  • For the restaurant or after-golf, please wait in the entrance hall, the hostess will assign you a table.
  • Under no circumstances is it allowed to move furniture without the approval of the hostess or staff.
  • A section is reserved for the after-golf. No reservation is necessary for this section. Please note that space is limited.
  • Although deconfinement continues to progress, we remind you that it is mandatory to respect the 2 metres distance at all times with staff and other customers.  In addition, clients who do not live at the same address must respect this distance at the table.



In order to ensure proper functioning and to respect the measures put in place by the government, here are some important points to respect:

  • Entry into the MTN Haus hotel is at all times through the main parking side door whether at check-in or to access your room.
  • Please follow the directions for the exit.
  • When entering the MTN Haus hotel, disinfect your hands and follow the traffic signs.
  • Although the deconfinement continues to progress, we remind you that we must imperatively respect the 2 meters distance at all times with the staff and the other customers.

Between each new occupants, a complete cleaning of the room and a disinfection of the bathroom after cleaning is done. In addition, a 24 hour delay between two occupations is respected.




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